What is A Link to the Past: VT Randomizer?

The basic idea is that all item locations in the game have their items shuffled around… so for example you never know what you’re going to find when you open a treasure chest! There are many item locations in the game beyond treasure chests, for example overworld heart pieces and NPC’s that give you items - these are all included too!

The VT Randomizer is a web based rom patcher that will allow you to make a randomized rom from one you supply. It is meant to always have the newest things available as the Randomizer team develops them.

This was written and is maintained by Veetorp. A big thanks to Dessyreqt, ChristosOwen, Smallhacker and Karkat for their work - without which none of this would have been even remotely possible!

Where do I download this?

The VT Randomizer is an entirely web based randomizer, There is no download client for it. That being said the ROM is patched entirely in your browser. Being a web version we can get the newest features availble to users as quickly as possible. Click on Generate Randomized Game above to get started.

There is a downloadable client version of the Randomizer (currently on v7) maintained by Dessyreqt which can be found here: https://dessyreqt.github.io/alttprandomizer/

Many features being tested in VT will land in the client version in the future.